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The “War on Drugs” is a War on Pain Patients. Doctors who have done nothing wrong are being investigated by the FDA and raided by the DEA. Clinics are being shut down and doctors arrested. Patients in desperate need of medical care are being turned away. Pharmacies refuse to fill legitimate prescriptions and blacklist doctors and patients without regard to any facts. These patients are not drug addicts – they are people with real, extremely painful medical conditions that require treatment.

The War on Pain Patients has already cost patients their lives. Not long ago one man unable to find help for his pain, wrote “…hurts, can’t sleep, can’t eat, can’t do anything and all the whitecoats don’t care at all.” He then took his own life to escape the pain. This is not an isolated story. It is happening more and more frequently. Patients facing a lifetime of relentless pain that leaves them literally screaming in bed, barely able to move, all too often see no other option. Veterans are being targeted as well. Across the country newspaper headlines have told stories of veterans with severe combat injuries, denied proper care by the VA, committing suicide rather than continuing to live with the pain. And new, more restrictive regulations just keep coming.

The latest round of attacks against pain patients is justified by new guidelines put out by the CDC. These guidelines are based on addiction and overdose statistics that the CDC has been forced to admit are inaccurate – read consciously and deliberately falsified.

The Pain Resistance Network was founded to organize and act against the War on Pain Patients. We are a member organization of the National Pain Patients Coalition. While we recognize the need for patients to have support groups, this is not our focus. There are plenty of other groups out there that do that job well (please see the links page for some of our favorites). We feel that the best contribution that we can make is to organize practical activities that take the fight directly to those waging war against us.

Join us to Stop the War on Pain Patients!

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